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    Re: We have a Brand New Member - jennabldr

    well thank you! I joined because I can't sleep and I guess I have a few issues with two recent unexpected but loved rescues.

    CICI -- We got her in early September. The girl was about 19 year old and had not a clue about snakes in general let alone a red tail. She said it was a female and approx 5 months old. CICI was small, 18 inches? maybe 24" but that would be really stretching. very skinny. about as big around as your thumb. She came in a 10 gallon critter tank with a water bowl and a half log. the girl was also feeding her F/T small mice. Got her home and quickly picked up a 55 gal. CICI is now about 4 to 5 feet long and maybe 9 to 10 months old. CICI now eats 6 wk old rats live. (she hates F/T! she would rather let it rot. ) I have no idea what kind of red tail she is. She is a light tan almost gray and her spots seem very far apart in relation to other red tails i have seen. she also has NO red in her tail. her tail spots are black and her tail spots start at almost half way down her body. Very friendly. She will hiss if she is hungery as she gets kinda cranky but she has never so much as attempted to pose a strike position. (she was free cause the girl wouldn't touch her cause CICI would hiss at her)

    Our newest addition is KAI.

    KAI--- ( i know this is a boa site but please bare with me) When we picked up CICI's 55 gal. 2 hours from our home, the people had a baby, what looked like a tiny python. The asked what we wanted the tank for and I told him straight up for a red tail. He offered my husband and I to purchase his snake for $50.00. We both said "no" we left and went home. about a month later the owner of this snake calls and says if you want her come and get her now. mind you we live in WI and we were in the middle of the most recent snow/ice storm. I felt bad for the snake to begin with. I knew it was some kind of python but it had so much dead skin on it that you really couldn't tell the markings or colors. but you could tell by looking at the poor things stuck eye caps and blunt nose it was a python. So we drove 3 hours one way in the storm to get this snake. They said it was a baby ball python. they were using an office desk light with an incandescent 45 watt bulb on a 10 gallon busted aquarium with frog habitat and the worlds smallest water bowl. Upon further inspection of the habitat they were also feeding it crickets. Got KAI home and immediately put "her" in the shower to get all the dead skin off. She was about 18 inches long. Had layers of dead skin that she couldn't shed. that just rinsed off her. then the oddest thing, while in the shower this pink tube looking thing comes out at the vent. IT"S A BOY. Get it all dried off and in it's new 20L critter tank with proper heat source, hide, climb, and water bowl. I am looking at HIM thinking " man something don't look right about this ball python" we got him the day before christmas eve. His eyes were milky. and he just looked blah like he was about to shed. his skin was really hangy and wrinkly and he only weighed about 8 to 10 OZ. I went and got him 3 mice at the pet store on christmas eve morning. he was happy to eat all 3 and sure enough 4 days later he was shedding again. this time when I dried him off his eyes were nice and clear and his colors were very rich. I looked at my husband and said " we got a very large problem" and he was a bit confused and asked what was wrong. I kindly told him that KAI was not a female ball python at all. HE is a burmese python. Hubby didn't quite understand the difference in the two. I said " oooo about 15 feet and 200 lb difference thats all." did some research and asked around, sure enough HE is a classic burmese python. But he is extremly affectionate and loves to take showers and also about 20 to 24 inches now.

    any thoughts on this python ordeal? And some answers that I am in search of........... How big will this red tail get? she is approx 10 months old and all ready an easy 4 ft. we are not power feeding her. she gets a weaned rat every 10 to 14 days. and what kind of red tail do you think she is? I attached some pics of the snakes. I am sure you can tell the difference between the two.

    thank you again. any info will be greatly appreciated I want to make sure I am providing a good home for these snakes but at the same time I do not want a snake that in 2 years is going to eat me either (python).
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    started a topic We have a Brand New Member - jennabldr

    We have a Brand New Member - jennabldr

    jennabldr! Thank you for joining and we hope you find a home here and settle in for a while!

    As owner of I wish to personally welcome you to our community.

    Boa care is the primary reason people join this forum and here is the absolute best place to start

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    And again Welcome to the Forums!