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    Hello all, I've rather recently gotten back into keeping snakes after many years of keeping/breeding/raising aquarium fish. First real pet snake (aside from wild collected colubrids I kept for a week or two then released again) was a red tail boa back in the early 80's. Had to give her up after a couple years, got more into fish.<br> This year I decided to get back into snakes, so I did a good bit of research (sooo much better with the internet than back in the day when books were all that were available) and ran across a fairly new option, the Dominican red mountain boa. Found a breeder online and got a pair of yearlings, then a couple weeks later got a second pair of yearlings from a different breeder. I'm thinking genetic diversity is probably better in the long run than breeding sibling together.&nbsp;<br>Then back in October we went to a reptile show, Becka fell in love with a baby red tail boa, and I picked up a baby carpet python. A couple weeks after that I swapped off some extra fish at the lfs for a baby Okeetee corn snake. Always did like the colors on those, though I prefer the boas and pythons in general. Still considering adding a Mexican black kingsnake to the collection at some point, but not likely until I move out a few aquariums and get some new enclosures built for the current critters.

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    Hello and welcome aboard.