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  • Hi There!

    I live in Ontario Canada. I recently rescued a baby snake from a building I was cleaning who hadn't made it back outside to brumate. He is now doing just that in my basement. He is only a little garter snake, I will release him in the spring. I am absolutely fascinated by him and started reading up on snakes. I went to the local pet store to ask some questions and they seemed so knowledgeable! So I ended up bringing home a six month old Columbian Rainbow Boa. Now as I keep reading he seems a bit of an intermediate snake as opposed to a beginner snake. I have his humidity up but I was surprised that this was the guy they suggested for me. However his temperament seems nice and well it's only been a few days! I named him Benny. Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Hi There!

    Welcome aboard and congrats on the new addition