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    Hey! I am new to these forums. I own a small collection (plan on expanding in a couple of months) of various animals.

    My collection is currently made up of these animals (in order that I got them):

    0.1 Normal Leopard Gecko - Alaska (1.5 years old)
    1.0 Mack Snow Leopard Gecko - Pudge (which is ironic because he's really skinny) (age is N/A)
    1.0 Pastel Ball Python - Nagini (Born 9-11-14)
    1.0 Colombian Red Tail Boa - Arbok (Just a baby, DOB is N/A)

    and my dogs, Lyla (3 years) and Cleo (10 years).

    I have owned reptiles since I was 7 years old. I started out with a Normal Ball Python named Adam. He lived to about 10 years old. I am now 24 years old (25 in January) This is my first collection that I plan on expanding farther. The most snakes I've ever had at one time was 3. I have only had 4 snakes in my life. I've had another boa (but she was Suriname) and she got to be 6 years before I had to sell her due to family issues. Her name was Clare. The other 2 were 0.1 normal (but very bright for whatever reason) ball python and a 1.0 Coastal Carpet. I had to sell them along with Clare.

    So... I plan on doing updates and such at a later point in time (after I can post freely to be honest). So.... Peace!