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  • not sure how this happened

    i have always been a fan of reptiles Ball Pythons were my absolute favorite. i never really had the funds of permission to own one of my own so i went to expos and reptile shows to look finally i talked my wife into it after years of pleading she agreed. i wanted a ball but she wanted a ksb we compromised and agreed on a RTB not sure how it happened she wanted the KSB because she was under the impression they were smaller than balls i suppose and when purchasing the RTB the seller said he would throw in a albino KSB at a price we couldn't refuse so we have 2 snakes now and they are in addition to our 2 year old leopard gecko. i have to say at this rate i will have the collection i have been dreaming about before i know it. i know this is a simple pet collection now but given time i know it will grow to the collection i have always wanted. with that being said anyone have a male kahl albino baby for sale or trade? lol

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    Re: not sure how this happened

    What does your wife think about this?