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  • Hello from Chile

    Hi, im from Chile, i have a little BCI (5 years) i came here because im looking for some help because few months ago a rat attack my bci , after that he didin't want to vet check my bci and feeding by force because he was loosing some weigth... everything looks good, shed cycle, activities, temp, wherever...but when i offer feed him just get out to check, look and come back to his cave....

    any tips??

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    Re: Hello from Chile

    This is one of the examples not to feed with live food. I would stop with the live food from now on. Whatever size of prey your snake is eating I would get 1 or even 2 sizes smaller live but pre kill it and hold it with tongs by the back of the shoulders and dance it around like it is alive and if he won't take it just leave out in front of his cave and leave the room. Try this at night and just leave the prey in over night, if he doesn't eat it by morning you need to through it away. If it doesn't work in 2 weeks try just pre-killing a smaller prey and placing it in front of it's cave overnight. It might take awhile for he snake to trust eating again, getting attacked by there prey can be very traumatic to them as can force feeding them. I wouldn't force feeding unless absolutely necessary, a snake can go months without eating and be ok. I would try just leaving pre killed prey in the tank overnight until it works. Good Luck