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Old timer coming back to the hobby and getting with the times

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  • Old timer coming back to the hobby and getting with the times

    My name is Branon and I have been keeping herps off and on since 1987. My first herps were a couple of anoles and I was happy to have them, since Mom was/is positively phobic of reptiles...though none so terribly as the dreaded snake. When I was 16 I convinced her to let me have a snake, provided I got a job, took full responsibility, and moved out of the house. I moved into the garage within the hour, had a job by the end of the week, and bought Blue, a WC ball python, w/ my first paycheck. Since then I've kept and bred boas, beardies, balls, and a host of other critters. At one point we (my wife and I) shared our home with 46 different species of critters, most of which were herp rescues we were trying to rehome. I've been happily married to a non-herper (though she kept a snake before I did) for 15+ years, we have 3 awesome kids, and my education is in wildlife science. I got out of the hobby for several years after the heart ache of loosing my first boa, Jane Grey, but I'm coming back. If you have any questions about general husbandry or just want to reminisce about the "old days", I'm at your service.
    Branon Rochelle
    Alpine Reptiles