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my rtb got lumps and bump

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  • my rtb got lumps and bump

    when i fed kaisha my rtb i think the mouse bit her(even if i made the mouse dizzy) and she got like 3 lumps on her side those aren't hard but one bigger on her belly that is hard. im so worried i dont know if its the bite of the mouse or something else and is it serious? they are weird and i made researches and didnt find something like that.
    Pls help me i dont know what to do.
    I know i shouldn't feed live but she had never got problems, but now i will kill my mouse before feeding her because i cant get frozen/thawned mice.

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    Re: my rtb got lumps and bump

    If you could post some pics in regards to the lumps, we may be able to assist you



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      Re: my rtb got lumps and bump

      It's a pity that it took this experience for you to conclude that feeding only dead prey is what you should do (whether it's frozen-thawed or freshly killed by you). Without seeing the lumps it's impossible for us to say much

      about them...even if we do see them, it's still not the same as promptly taking your snake to an experienced snake vet, which is what I'd recommend. It is possible that your snake has suffered multiple bites from live prey

      that until now, have gone unnoticed (-by you, anyway...I'm sure your snake knew...bites hurt!). Snakes may form infected cysts from such bites, and since the pus they form is solid rather than liquid, they do not drain &

      go away on their own as in other creatures (humans included). They may stay like this forever...or may get please let a qualified vet have a look...and please, don't feed live prey.