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Hello RTB! Getting back into it!

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  • Hello RTB! Getting back into it!

    Hello RTB community,

    My name is Elizabeth and am getting back into the snake keeping hobby. I have had a couple of ball pythons before, but when I started college I had to get rid of them. However, after three years of school -and one more year to go- I figured I'll give it a go with a different snake, this time a boa (Which will be a pet-only snake as I have no desire to breed).

    It will be a while longer until I get everything ready for a living creature. I have an Animal Plastics T8 and LED lighting on their way, and just got my Pro Heat Panel in the mail today. After I get my Herpstat a it will go a bit faster.

    Any-who, I look forward to getting to know all of you. (even though after hours of research on this forum, I feel like I already do )

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    Re: Hello RTB! Getting back into it!


    It is so refreshing to see someone actually doing research and getting the correct set ups BEFORE buying a boa! Can't wait to see what boa you get. Or boas. They're like Pringles. Nobody can just have one.

    Welcome to the addiction!

    -Sean in NoCal
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      Re: Hello RTB! Getting back into it!

      Double post because of the two post rule for newbies. Oops


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        Re: Hello RTB! Getting back into it!

        Thank you Pandorasdad!

        When I was young my parents bought me a snake with a glass aquarium, and for me, it was a pain in the butt. I eventually moved that snake and the others in plastic tubs from wall mart. My parents thought I was being cruel lol. Now, since I have been working and paying my own bills and tuition, I figured I could get back into it the right way.

        I feel that my plan for this cage will be the best I can build and my husbandry will be almost completely automated (besides the actual cleaning of the cage). I will be buying a pro mist system to hook up to the herpstat to keep the humidity up without having to spray the cage. That may have to wait for my tax returns though (always one of the best times of the year! I always blow it all on animal stuff)


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          Re: Hello RTB! Getting back into it!

          Welcome to RTB!
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