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  • New member, first boa

    Hello, I am a new member and frequent lurker. After a seven month decision on if a boa was right for me I bought my first boy from a breeder I think the world of at the beginning of this month. He is a jungle and just a gorgeous little guy. Pictures will ensue when I have the privileges.
    Research on the boas has been the most time and process I have put into choosing nearly any of my pets. It took a lot of knowledge and questions to truely figure out if I could handle an adult and the lifetime commitment. I am incredibly happy I made this decision. My little boy is the pride of my collection so far and easily my favorite snake.
    I have 2.3 ball pythons currently. A male Mojave and male Queen Bee, and then three girls. A butter, a pastel, and a mystic. My butter and queen bee should be good to go this season provided she continues to feed. I am breeding for my bucket list morphs only and intend on retiring from breeding bps in six or seven years. I also have two cats that have been around since kittens and will be till they are seniors.
    I had intentionally only planned on one boa. Just one male for that famous personality. My intentions are falling through the floor now. My breeder has some excellent pairings this year and I've put away a savings fund for one or two more boas. Definitely stopping at three total but I'm seeing a exceptionally patterned Motley and the crown jewel of boas (to me at least) an IMG in my future.
    The boa charm has absolutely captured my heart and made me fall head over heels for them. They are so unlike any snake I've kept previously. Which have included ball pythons, colubrids, Indonesian dwarf boas and briefly a dumerils. I've been in the herp world for 12+ years and have kept a huge variety of reptiles and a few amphibs. I was heavily involved in a once great reptile husbandry forum and ended up functioning as a local exotic rescue for several years. Expos and Daytona was my childhood and now as an adult that passion continues. My top priority is providing the best husbandry possible for my pets and getting personal enjoyment out of them second.
    I reside in Florida and have number of other Hobbies including hiking and herping in the swamp, photography, and crafting. I also make bullwhips and other whips as well as crack them.
    This will easily be my longest post. I am not a big poster but I will lurk positively everywhere. But thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and be a part of such a lively community of herp lovers. I look forward to positive interactions on here.

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    Re: New member, first boa


    You are to be commended for doing your research first. So many impulse buyer show up here to fix their problems!

    Boas are like Pringles. You can't have just one! Welcome to the addiction!

    -Sean in NoCal
    “Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood – the virtues that made America.”
    -Teddy Roosevelt.


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      Re: New member, first boa

      Happy to have you join us here, Kez...and I 'second' what Pandorasdad said, that it's so nice to see someone who really researches their acquisitions first. You should do very well, even as you 'cave' & add more, ha ha ha!