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  • Axl, the amateur breeder

    Hello everyone, I just joined today (March 16, 2015).
    I just bred two normal BCI's and got 40 babies, 1 stillborn. And 1 slug! Is it beginner's luck, or what?
    I wasn't even trying, cuz my male was pretty small.

    Anyway, I do have an important question.
    I recently acquired a Motley (male 2yrs), and a Hypo Hog Island (female, 1 yr).
    If I wait another 2-3 yrs and breed them, What would be the OUTCOME??
    Next yr, I may breed my motley to my big BCI, and get a half/half clutch.

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thxx, Axl

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    Re: Axl, the amateur breeder

    Welcome to RTB!

    I also approved your other thread in the Genetics section. It should get more responses as to your questions.
    "An increase in reptile education can lead to a decrease in reptile discrimination." - Bebo



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      Re: Axl, the amateur breeder

      Motley x HypoHog --- You'd get
      Normals (crosses)
      Hypos ( Crosses)
      Motleys( crossed)
      Hypo Motlys ( crossed )
      No longer would they be HypoHogs , because the Hog blood has been reduced.