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  • bebowebb
    Re: Newbie To Site

    Welcome to RTB, Jon!

    The following is a link to the FAQ page that may help with some of your questions:

    Setting and Profile Features

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  • Silverray10
    started a topic Newbie To Site

    Newbie To Site

    Hi. I am a Newbie to the site, have been keeping reptiles for many years, and have had my Boa Constrictor for the past year, which I obtained from someone who was moving to Spain

    This was the best decision of my life as I just love her as she is so docile, and gives me a hug sometimes.

    Is anyone able to help me out? I have pictures submitted, could you tell me what morph she is? She is 7.5 foot long and has pink iridescence hues to her and she is a light brown with dark brown saddles, also a prominent red tail.

    I also need help as to how to change my profile picture or even add a profile picture.

    Thank you.

    Regards Silverray10 (Jon)