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  • Hello! Newbie here!

    Hello, my name is Jamie & I've been a red tail owner for 12 years.

    I am searching for medical advice - As well as building a new tank for her.

    she's been healthy seeming up until now. She spent the night at the Vet last night. I am waiting to hear back from them today. She was pushing all her air out in long winded breaths - and not eating & kinda lethargic. Vet noticed right away - heart arrhythmia, abscess in her mouth, nostrils clogged with layers of un-shed skin, possibly constipated and dehydrated to start. They took blood right away and gave 1 of 4 doses of antibiotics. X-ray today and should get the blood results back today also..

    We're making a custom tank and so far we have the frame/shell and we're gathering idea and things that we must have built in the tank. Has anyone built their own tanks? If so, what are the things you missed, or had to have in the tank?

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    Re: Hello! Newbie here!

    Welcome to RTB, Jamie!

    I hope that the vet is able to get your boa squared away and back to healthy.

    Please keep us updated on how things are going.
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      Re: Hello! Newbie here!

      THANK YOU!!!

      I picked her up yesterday and she seemed calm or tired. They gave me 7 doses of antibiotics to inject every 3 days... for a sore in her mouth and upper respiratory infection.

      They didn't give me results of the blood work or the x-ray. I'm waiting for a call back from the doctor.

      They also gave me a dark blue solution - to dilute to a sky blue color to wash her face and then apply a gel twice per day. They told me to soak her in a luke warm water as well. and keep her temp up.


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        Re: Hello! Newbie here!

        Respiratory issues are almost always due to a lack of humidity . Keep the enclosure (not the Boa itself) misted often with hot water. If there's built-up condensation, then back off. I like when my cages are barely showing signs of an light fog on the front acrylic, and I try to keep it that way by often using a one gallon pressure sprayer .