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  • Hi there - New member here :)

    I just wanted to say hi from Canada! I have recently gotten back into snakes after 15 plus years out of it . I wasn't going to get anymore, but saw an albino ball python (het red axanthic) that I NEEDED... I dreamed of getting an Albino BP back when they were around $10,000! I have since learned about all the morphs and fell back into this hobby HARD! There is so much that has changed, but it's been an exciting year to say the least.

    Now after saying all of that, I definitely wasn't getting back into Boas... no way. There were so many types of Ball Pythons to keep me occupied. So after arranging a trip to another province to get a couple of breeding groups of ASFs for some REALLY picky feeders, I happen to start talking to a guy that has a beautiful Redtail (BCC) for a steal. It takes a bit of organization because he has to travel as well. I'm finally going to meet him tomorrow and.... yes... get back into boas (so terrible)... Just kidding of course. I'm pretty excited . Just one boa though... It does look like a true Redtail, so I'll be satisfied with just that... I swear... (plus all the Ball Pythons... right?).

    Anyway, I mainly just wanted to confess all my sins and I'm good with it . It's much easier now that my kids are older and I have much more time to focus on everything. Things that I KNEW way back when were terribly wrong... it's pretty interesting to learn all over again .

    Thanks for reading!