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I forgot with my intro post...

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  • I forgot with my intro post...

    I meant to ask where I could post a picture to see if anyone could chime in on what kind of Redtail that I will be getting. I will take better pictures later, but I think the couple that I have might be helpful to the right eyes . It's supposed to be a true Redtail, but I'd love to know either way. He said it's definitely a BCC, but he's not sure what. He said that he hasn't seen another one quite like it, so he wondered if it was a combination of a couple of them. Could it be a BCC crossed with a BCI and look like a cool BCC? I'm not sure how all of this works .

    Hopefully if I can get a picture up, someone can try and help out. I'd rather post in the proper place as well, so please let me know where that would be .

    Thanks very much in advance.