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Hello! Snake experienced, new to red tails.

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  • Hello! Snake experienced, new to red tails.

    I have a 9 year old ball python and a 7 year old Dumeril's boa, plus a young rescue ball python. The rescue was a stray that had severe scabbing, maybe from burns, on half of its belly. The scabs were infected and it took months of daily soaks plus antibiotic injections to get cleared up, but he's totally recovered and super happy now.

    Last week a (probably) BCI came in as a stray to our local animal shelter, where I volunteer frequently. I've always wanted one of these beauties, so I decided the time is right. I'm not sure of gender but am prepared to deal with a female if needed. It's about 5-6 feet and seems healthy; no wounds, ate a f/t rat just fine at the shelter.

    Anyway, I'm very glad this community exists as a resource. I'm sure I'll have some caging questions very soon, and when I get some good pics I'd value oponions on how my new snake looks health and condition-wise.

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    Re: Hello! Snake experienced, new to red tails.

    Welcome to RTB!

    When the time comes, the following link may come in handy

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      Re: Hello! Snake experienced, new to red tails.

      Thanks for the link! My new snake has been really sedate, but I think she's just settling in. She was in a pretty small tub at the shelter in a high-traffic area, and her eyes were opaque and cleared up 2 days ago. The humidity in her current tub is in the high 60s to low 70s and ambient temps low 80s. Basking spot 90F. When I took her home she was curious about her surroundings and new cage but sits very still in a coil in her cage.

      It is absolutely killing me to leave her alone, but I know she needs the quiet time so I'll leave her for a few more days and we'll see if that shed happens. I'll get some pics when she's ready.

      Some other details:
      Her box was treated with prevent-a-mite as a precaution, she looks clean. She's in a different room from my other snakes and will stay there for 3 months. I've decided to give her a girl's name and use "she" just to be prepared for a biggun. Rumor has it an "expert" came to the shelter and thought she was female. I know they didn't probe, so I dont' know how reliable this indication is.


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        Re: Hello! Snake experienced, new to red tails.

        Hi Andyball! I am new too! I would love to see a pic of your Dumerils Boa. We have three but they are still young and I can't wait until they mature. Congrats on your BCI!