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New(ish) to snakes in Oregon/Washington

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  • New(ish) to snakes in Oregon/Washington

    I'm right over the border from Oregon in Vancouver, Washington. I used to live in Oregon but now just work there because rent was cheaper over the bridge. I'm originally from Utah but I never was able to have a snake there because my mom is deathly afraid of even a garter snake. My new apartment has a field next to it and the resident snakes will come sun themselves in the mowed portion of the lawn so I tried to keep one I caught as a pet but it was too wild and musked all the time.

    Last May I bought a full grown male ball python who is named Mr. Sancho. My husband is Mexican and thought it would be fun to have both a Sancho and Shadow (my cat) because they are both Chicano rappers. Besides that "Sancho" means "the other man" so in theory someone who would cheat with your wife/girlfriend is a snake. He's grown a little bit but we also wanted a snake that would get large so I went to the reptile expo a couple weeks ago to pick up a baby Columbian red tail boa. We didn't end up with a baby because there was a local reptile rescue there with a rescued female boa who is five feet long (for now). The poor thing has a scab on her head due to the conditions she was in and is still settling in. I continued with the names that start with S and named her Shiva.

    I'm hoping to gain knowledge here about this different type of snake since the ball python was so easy without too much snake knowledge. Shiva is much more active and is certainly different to hold and handle in general. The good thing is that she's a great eater so the stress that ball pythons have about not eating isn't one of the factors. Once I'm past the newbie stage I will put a picture up of her.

    That's all for now I guess. I will get to know you all as time goes on here on the forums.

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    Re: New(ish) to snakes in Oregon/Washington

    Did you have a red tail in mind when you went to the expo or just something larger then a ball python? I cant imagine just getting a rescued five foot girl on a whim but hey I know it happens everyday and thats amazing of you for taking her in instead of going for a cute baby. kudos for that for sure. Im happy you found your way here too!!