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  • Newbie from Mexico

    Hi, living in Mazatlan Mexico, and found out they have boas red tails here in the wild. I think I found one and need advice on feeding, it may be wild, it hisses a lot, open mouth, but gentle when handled. Had a live white mouse with it to no avail, It is about 3.5 feet in lenth and very dark pattern wit5h reddish tail. My e mail is [email protected] and I would appreciate anyone writting me as this is a gorgeous reptile.
    Michael Thank you

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    Re: Newbie from Mexico

    Welcome, Michael.

    You can find all kinds of information about caring for a boa constrictor here:

    -Sean in NoCal
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      Re: Newbie from Mexico

      Any time you get a new snake (even captive bred) they need time without being handled to settle in...and their caging must offer a sense of security (hiding places) and the right temperatures for them to do well & eat.
      The boa you found, since it is no doubt wild, may need much more time to settle in before it wants to eat. He needs a water bowl in the cage too, even if you never see him drinking. (some are very sneaky & only sip
      after dark, as they are more vulnerable to predators when eating or drinking) You didn't say how long after you got him that you offered him a mouse, but most likely you did that too soon for him to take it...they don't
      understand that we mean well. Good luck with him...and welcome here!