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  • Charles from NJ

    Hello everyone. The names Charles and I recently aquire a beautiful Boa I believe to be a BCI. She is very tame and let's me do just about anything to her. Temperament is great. She is currently a little longer than 4 ft and currently eats 3 mice every week.

    Usually I feed her 3 mice about a day or two after her last bowl movement. Very healthy girl.

    Just to confirm can anyone actually give confirmation of what she is? Thank you and thanks for having me!!![emoji16]

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    Re: Charles from NJ

    Hi Charles. Please take the time to read the Ultimate Care Guide, available on this site. It will help you learn how to care for these awesome creatures.
    Your BCI does not need to eat daily. Not even close. A boa that size should be eating one med rat every two weeks.

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      Re: Charles from NJ

      Thanks Pandora. Are you able to see the pic? And it's tough to find med rats over here. So I feed multiple mice. I definitely don't feed her everyday though.