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    My son just adopted a red tail boa who has been passed around among his friends for the past few years. I have seen so much conflicting information regarding substrate and temps, lights/no lights, and the owner of a reptile shop in our area actually told me to "not worry about the humidity", to just soak the snake if the shed gets stuck. That doesn't seem quite right, but I have no idea so I am hoping to get some tips so we can provide her the best environment and make sure she is happy! We also have two bearded dragons and a corn snake (who was also inherited from friends who couldn't take care of it anymore.)

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    The first advise I would give is......
    Stay away from that reptile shop! Temp and humidity is very important.
    Substrate opinions will vary from person to person
    Aspen, coco husk, reptibark, paper towels, newspaper. Use what you like best that works for you. Cypress holds humidity well, but make sure it's pure cypress, no blends! Stay away from pines and cedar. They are dangerous to snakes.
    Humidity needs to be at least 60% always.
    Temps should be close to 90 on the warm side and mid 80 on the cool side.
    Offer a hide on each side.
    Light to me is important. During summer I give 12 hrs daylight and 12 hrs dark or red light.
    I'm sure others will post with there opinions and there is also good stuff here. Search "boa care sheet" on this forum and you will have everything you need from that.


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      Welcome to RTB!

      Check out the Ultimate Care Guide at the following link:

      Care Guide Articles

      The UCG is one of the best resources available for folks who are new to the hobby.

      Feel free to ask any additional questions you come across.
      "An increase in reptile education can lead to a decrease in reptile discrimination." - Bebo