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  • New Member from Florida!

    Hey Everyone, my Gf and I are aren't new to snakes but we are very new to Boas (BCIs), we mainly had a ball python for a while, till wanted something a bit more interesting (even tho our Ball Python is a joy) so our collection bloomed from one Female Normal Ball Python to, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa, a Butter ball python, and now our wonderful yearling BCI Normal. Our collection is probably going to be expanding for the foreseeable years to come hopefully we're looking to invest in some Boaphiles in the very near future and start breeding in the next few years.

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    Re: New Member from Florida!

    Welcome to RTB!

    Looking forward to pictures of your collection when you have time.

    If you are unfamiliar with how to post pictures to the forum, the following link might help:

    Glad to have you aboard!
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      Re: New Member from Florida!

      I'll get pictures once our big girl sheds, been meaning to gather an album of them all anyway lol.