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Proud owner of 2 red tail babies

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  • Proud owner of 2 red tail babies

    Hey everybody,

    First of all I like to thank the administrators for acceptance to this really cool site. I recently (yesterday) bought two baby red tail boas. They are both males, one is an albino and the other a common red tail. The common is 3 mo and the albino 2 mo.
    My first snake was a ball python 16 years ago. Great snake, I really enjoyed my time with him. Lately, I've been doing research on my favorite snake, the Red tail boa. I've been wanting one for so long but wanted to make sure timing was right to take care of them. Well the time is now and I bought the two I really wanted. As of now they're sharing a 40 gallon tall Exo Terra terrarium. I'm aware of purchasing their adult cages from 8 mo to a year. I've read some useful information from this site and appreciative the time members/staff puts into it.
    I'm going to introduce frozen feeders to them cause I liked what I read from publication. I'm really excited for my newly purchased red tails and hope they stick around with me for the next 30 years. If any of you members/staff have any advise, I would love to hear it. Thanks again, and I look forward being part of the community.



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    Re: Proud owner of 2 red tail babies

    Welcome to RTB, Rick!

    You might check out the Ultimate Care Guide articles at the following link:

    Care Guide Articles

    Check them out and give them a good read. Then you might consider moving the two boas to separate enclosures much more soon than you originally planned.
    "An increase in reptile education can lead to a decrease in reptile discrimination." - Bebo



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      Re: Proud owner of 2 red tail babies

      Welcome to the forums


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        Re: Proud owner of 2 red tail babies

        Welcome to the forum.