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24 years old boa not eating

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  • 24 years old boa not eating

    Hi. I'm new to this board trying to get some help. My boa is 24 and my husband and I have had him since he was a hatchling. He has always been very healthy, but has not eaten for 8 months. He's losing weight and no longer shedding in one piece. We have tried to feed smaller rats (frozen/thawed) thinking that like other little old folks, he's losing his appetite. No luck. He's just not interested.

    No parasites, no change in environment, nothing that would logically explain this except that he's old. Any other ideas before we sort of...give up?


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    Re: 24 years old boa not eating

    Maybe try a different prey type. Chicken, quail or small rabbit might work. Otherwise he may just be nearing the end. He's lived to great old age so far. I wouldn;t give up on him yet though.



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      Re: 24 years old boa not eating

      I would get him to a vet to have bloodwork done to see if there are indications of kidney or liver failure. While the vet may not be able to treat him, you'll at least know what's going on and can make some decisions.