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  • Hello!

    Hello! My name is Jon. I'm a 23 year old Data analyst. I fell in love with common boa constrictors in January when helping my ex clean her rescue boa's cage. One look up close to that mustachioed little face and I was hooked. My acute fear of snakes was gone and I held it as often as I could.

    Since the break up I have been looking for a pet and I always come right back to boas. They fit every aspect I've been looking for in a pet from social needs, ease of care, cost of owning, and life span.

    I've spent many months since mid march till now devoting at least two hours a day to research on everything the snakes need. Slight differences in opinions in care have been making me take so long in making decisions as by my nature I need as much data as I can before I act. I have a good grasp on what needs to happen but I just need to start acting.

    I'll probably be posting many questions about what I need or ideas of alternatives as I prepare for getting my first baby boa in the next few months.

    Hopefully I don't annoy too many of you.

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    Re: Hello!

    Welcome! Don't get too bogged down with everybody's opinions. Everyone does it a little differently. Can't wait to see what you choose!

    -Sean in NoCal
    “Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood – the virtues that made America.”
    -Teddy Roosevelt.


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      Re: Hello!

      Thank you.


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        Re: Hello!

        Welcome aboard mate, I'm looking forward to see what you choose