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    Hi, just checking to see if any of my friends from the deceased (R.I.P.) reptile forum are here. I am Star, and for those who know me, I'm a bit of a fruit loop. I am down to one BCI - Veronica - named after the Elvis Costello song. She is about 8 feet long, and I've had her since she was a tiny baby who curled up in my hand. She is still just as adorable now as she was back in 2006. I am a massage therapist/healer who also loves dancing, dancing, dancing, writing, camping, and home decorating. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else here still has their original snake/s for over 8 or 9 years?

    I had a gorgeous BCC - Jesse - who died of cancer last October. R.I.P. He was about 8 years old and 7 feet long.

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    Re: Refugee from

    I've had my first and favorite boa, Pandora since 2008. It was she who led me to find this place because I needed help.
    Welcome to this forum! I hope you'll come to love it as much as I do.

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      Re: Refugee from

      My first ball python and boa both made it into their high teens... I'm sure you will have Veronica for a long time

      Right now I have two... One is over 9 feet, the other is 16 inches. Annika and Kira.


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        Re: Refugee from

        Welcome to RTB!

        We do have a few members who came over from .net, so you should see some familiar faces (or names lol).
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          Re: Refugee from

          Thanks for the warm welcome! Pandora is very lucky. I hope my girl lives a long time. Jesse was only about 8 or 9 when he died. It was pretty devastating.


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            Re: Refugee from

            Oops, I'm already replying to the wrong posts.........I'm having trouble navigating this site. We old folk get set in our ways. I'm so used to the other site....

            Thanks for the welcome, Joe. I think it is a great accomplishment to keep snakes into their high teens. I did that with two cats. Time will tell if Veronica will get old with me. I hope so.