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Hello Boa world!... from Connecticut

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  • Hello Boa world!... from Connecticut

    Hello Boa lovers! I'm a life long reptile lover I've had tons of them from green iguanas to dart frogs and smaller snakes but just recently came from a vacation in California where I fell in love with these gorgeous animals. For a long time I had a complete misconception on the as far as them being overly aggressive and unmanageable for me but after spending the summer learning about them and being around them I decided to make the jump from Balls to Boas. So I'm here to be educated on what has become one of my absolute favorite species. Pre thanks for the lessons I'm sure I will learn.

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    Re: Hello Boa world!... from Connecticut

    Welcome to RTB!

    You have come to the right place!
    "An increase in reptile education can lead to a decrease in reptile discrimination." - Bebo