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    My interest in reptiles started as a kid years ago. About 24 years ago I got my first boa which was a BCI. Shortly after my collect grew to 75+ animals including, Brazilian Rainbows, Dumerills, Carpets, Burmese, bloods, children's, and several monitors and geckos. Life, family, and work happened which took my time so I placed my collection in good homes and was out of the reptiles. My oldest daughter (6 at the time)loved horses so we started raising world class halter horses. We stood a stallion GQ Santana(Worlds first true white quarter horse) finationally and sold his prodigy internationally. He passed in time and my oldest is now in vet school so we reduced or herd to a minimal so she could have a genetic base to start her on hers upon graduation. My son is a senior now and the youngest plays competitive softball which I Coach. I'm slowly getting MY time back a little each year and my interest in reptiles is stI'll calling. My son has a BCI but that's all we have right now. Times have definitely changed since I was breeding years ago and now so many variations is unbelievable. I've been studying about a year now trying to decide what interest me the most. I think I'm leaning towards a BCC project. More studying but I've seen a gentleman that has a BCC line that looks to have a ladder tail morph like the Roswell which interest me. Thanks for listening