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Thanks for the welcome party!!!!

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  • Thanks for the welcome party!!!!

    Alright everyone, calm down, I know I know, thank you all so very much for the outpouring of affection!!! Please take a seat, please thank you so much....oh stop it you all are too much!! **crickets** oh yea that reminds me I need to feed our leopard geckos who are the only ones excited to see me walk in a room today....womp womp ...

    So hello RTB and thank you for the free-loader unpaid membership!! Haha jk I really can't wait to invest more of my time learning and discussing rtbs with you all. I hope to never offend anyone and plan on learning as much as possible from the og's in the house. So I have 6 red tail boas mostly acquired from Will at redtailboabreeder and maybe one day will do a pairing or two but for now I'm just happy with giving them the best care possible. I just ordered a 6 421d cage stack with an additional 122d to make he bottom unit a six foot enclosure for my largest female and will order another stack of the 122d enclosures to expand the other five to six feet when financially possible, hopefully the first week of January. I had a wonderful transaction with Jeff and fully trust all will be well in the delivery and setup of the enclosures. Looking forward to sharing that day with you all!! Any advice or thoughts on what to expect would be great.

    I also have one rescued ball python that was almost euthanized by petco, an anole that was originally purchased to entice said ball python to eat which obviously didn't work and now just is another family member. Haha and the bp ended up eating just fine. She just needed some stability after living at petco for however long. Also have three leopard geckos, a stafforshire bull-terrier, a lab mix rescue, a black cat rescue and that's it. I have had other reptiles but ill go into that another time. Write back errrrybody!! See ya