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  • New, Excited, Ready to Share & Learn More!!!

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jessica, and I developed an obsessive passion for snakes after buying one for my husband as a gift. I'd always admired them from a distance, but didn't realize how incredible they were or how much i would come to love them until we owned one.

    That first snake, a simple, but beautiful pet store Columbian Red Tail, Nagini, started a snowball down a hill. By September 2014 my collection had grown to 15 animals, including 6 different species, and a sub hobby of rat breeding to save money on feeding. Oh I loved spending hours inside my reptile room, spot cleaning, changing water, handling everyone a bit, charting weight and feeding schedules, and building new racks and improving the room to fit their needs and mine.

    I had dreams of breeding my snakes one day in the future, and turning my passion into my business, but unfortunately I've now faced a hard, difficult divorce and I lost them all by December 2014. A short dream it seemed.

    But now, 1 year later. I've gotten the opportunity to rebuild that dream and I'm so excited to refresh my research that I started understanding at the beginning of 2014. Red Tails have always been my passion and I'm starting small, focusing only on them, just recently adding a new baby Sharp Albino who is also het for snow.

    Now genetics are not my forte right now, so I'm hoping to learn more so that in a few years from now when she's ready to breed, I'll have a more clearer clue of what i'm doing.

    I'm really excited to be here, everyone. And to share some of my own brief experiences and learn from those who have been doing it much longer than I.