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Mama to sick boa looking for a miracle

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  • Mama to sick boa looking for a miracle

    Hi there!

    I've been searching online for help for our boa, Mallory. She's a few years old and we've had her for a year. I'm brand new to the site and hoping I've found some fellow boa lovers that can offer advice and support.

    Mallory isn't eating (over 4 months other than a tube feeding at the vet), has permanently damaged her nose and collapsed one nostril and has a swollen mouth that won't heal despite antibiotics, cream and antiseptic wash (and two trips to the vet). We don't know what to do.

    Please help.

    Thank you, KP

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    Re: Mama to sick boa looking for a miracle

    While it may seem scary if you haven't kept snakes before, a four month fast isn't that long for an adult boa to go off of food. Some only eat every 4-6 weeks anyway, so she hasn't missed that many meals. What is her body conditino like - is she very thin? What was she eating before she started fasting, and how often did you feed?

    Did the vet run any tests (culture/sensitivity) to determine the correct antibiotic to use, or did he just push Baytril? Unfortunately Baytril has been around a long time so a lot of bacteria have developed resistance to it.


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      Re: Mama to sick boa looking for a miracle

      Does she have an infected tooth?