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  • Hello from Montana

    Hello all. I have been off the forums for many years and recently have decided to return.
    I have owned sakes for 20+ yrs. from colubrids all the way up to burmese.
    I have recently convinced the wife to allow me a RTB. We are looking into a Suriname.
    Hope to use som of the knowledge from this great looking site to help on my second RTB experience.

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    Re: Hello from Montana

    Welcome! Sorry, sometimes we don't see posts in this section because they don't always show up on the latest posts box. Not sure if you've already found this or not, but here you go.

    Good luck.


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      Re: Hello from Montana

      Very glad to have you join us! I'm more of a colubrid-keeper myself, but hey, I love them all too! And like you, I've been a snake-keeper for a very long time. Welcome!