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Hello from Newby TeflonLeg in Cheshire, UK.

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  • Hello from Newby TeflonLeg in Cheshire, UK.

    I'm a newby to herpetology, though I have been involved in animal rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation for over 4 decades. I'm amassed I have never been required to care for snakes in more than a passing, feed it, clean it, and go home, when I was a volunteer at a wildlife hospital. I have just become the very happy owner of a male and female adult Dwarf Salmon Boa. I have a large 4 foot X 2 foot X 2 foot Viv, with all the necessary and correct thermostat / heating / lighting / thermo-sensor requirements.

    I was told when I received them, that previously, this pair have lived in the same 3 foot vivarium together for the last 6 years and have previously bred. Yet I have now been advised that boa's are most times fairly solitary, except for the breeding season, and I should now separate the two of them, instead of transferring both to the larger vivarium. Could anyone please give me advice regarding this matter.

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    Re: Hello from Newby TeflonLeg in Cheshire, UK.

    Welcome on board!