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Everyone meet Nagini!

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  • Everyone meet Nagini!

    Hey guys!

    My name is Nick, and I am from Los Angeles. I picked up a baby Red Tail Boa this morning, and I could not be more thrilled. I'm more familiar with the Ball Python world, but am very excited to have my first Boa. Her name is Nagini!

    Also, I have put down a deposit on a female Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python that will hatch this summer! I look forward to discussing with you guys on the forum!

    Have an awesome day!

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    Re: Everyone meet Nagini!

    Welcome Nick & Nagini- Looks like you picked a great new pal!


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      Re: Everyone meet Nagini!

      She looks very thin to me. You may want to take it slow with feeding. What is she eating currently? If she is on hopper (weaned) mice, you may want to give her fuzzy (unweaned) mice every 4-5 days after the 7-10 day period where you leave her alone after bringing her home. Because she is thin doesn't mean you should attack her with food. If you buy a box of fuzzies frozen, I believe it is 12 of them for $12 depending on the location. That should last you until she will be ready to accept hoppers every 7 days. A perfectly fit and perfect weight boa would look rectangular like this []

      The first half of her neck looks in good shape, nice and muscular, but after that you can see her spine. Boas spines should only be visible when bending over a curvature of something like your hand.

      For comparison, here is Buddy the day I brought him home when he was just under 2 months old.


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        Re: Everyone meet Nagini!

        I was in a hurry earlier, but I have to agree with acephantom903 that your new boa does look on the thin side, & maybe dehydrated too. As already said, don't feed too much or too often, that's not good either.

        If you purchased your snake from a pet store, your snake was most likely under-fed so she wouldn't out-grow her cage (or her "cute-baby-appearance"). Many pet stores also do not furnish optimal humidity in
        their cages, so make sure the cage has correct temperatures, humidity & hiding places. I hope you've checked her for mites? That would be really important at this point, mites can actually kill a snake, especially
        one that's young &/or thin, and yours is both.