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  • Hello From Sacramento

    Hey everyone. I've been lurking this forum off and on for a while and finally registered a username lol. One thing I've noticed though, is whenever I'd click on a link to this site, whether it is on my desktop, phone, laptop, it always redirected to some weird random spam site the first time, then after I close that it will go to this site no problem. Does that happen to anyone else as well?

    Anyway, here's some pics of my boas.

    My first boa, my lipstick sunglow male that I got last year from Jeff at the Boaphile. He's way bigger than this now, almost 4ft but I just like this pic lol

    My lipstick sunglow female from Manny over at Perfect Predators

    My female motley snow from Manny again

    And my most recent addition, my future stud. Male hypo IMG 100% het moonglow from Adam Chesla Reptiles which I'll pair with my moonglow female and possibly my sunglow female down the road.

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    Re: Hello From Sacramento

    I also had that issue before. I have a link saved under bookmarks and it hasn't happened since.

    Those are some great looking animals.