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  • Hello from PA

    Hello, my name is Lou. My girlfriend and I currently have 2 ball pythons and 1 corn snake. I will be getting a Colombian boa soon once the breader I go though has babies and I am in the process of doing as much research as possible until then. It's good to see there are as many enthusiastic boa owners as there are ball python owners. I look forward to learning everything I need to know to have a happy boa.


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    Re: Hello from PA

    Welcome! Hopefully you have a great experience. The care sheet this website has is here:
    That is a good free care sheet which has a huge amount of info that you cannot find most places. Another good read is "The Complete Boa Constrictor" by Vincent Russo. That book is referred to by some as "The Boa Bible".

    Only things I might say that you might not find many places and is disputable if it is the best thing or not... I'd recommend when you buy/make a cage for it, make one large enough for an adult and just provide lots of hides for the baby. It will save you money in the long run and you can have a cage set up properly with all the right humidity and temperature ranges and bedding a month before you get it. It is easier to have a cage set up safely before having a snake in it than it is trying to adjust it with a snake inside.

    In my opinion boas are easier to take care of than a ball python as long as you have the space for it. I have confidence you can do it pretty easy since you already have 2 ball pythons. I think a corn is a little easier to take care of than a boa but they are sneaky little escape artists for their whole lives. Boas are really only as good escape artists as corns when they are babies but they can still get into trouble their entire lives as with all snakes. lol

    EDIT: If you do go with an adult sized cage, use baby size water bowls. You don't want it to drown on accident.