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  • Dawn from Georgia

    Hi, all!
    I'm Dawn (though I generally just go by Nitro online), and I've been a snake fanatic since I could walk. I'm 26, and I've always wanted a snake (or three), but since my mother hates snakes with a vitriol not seen in most humans, I've been unable. I'm working on buying my first house, though, and one of my first goals when I've settled in is going to be to get my first snake.

    I've handled wild rat and king snakes throughout my life, as well as a few water and grass snakes (under the watch of a Herpetology professor), and as many domestic Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, and Boas as I could get my hands on. I love going to reptile shows and walking around just looking at all the gorgeous morphs, talking to breeders about their animals, and just taking in the atmosphere of a reptile-loving crowd of people.

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    Re: Dawn from Georgia

    Welcome. Sounds like you know a bit about snakes and know about handling them. In case you haven't read it yet, you may want to read and save this caresheet for boas.