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  • Hello-CompleteConstrictors

    Hi, I mostly breed ball pythons but have recently fell in love with Boa's as well. I currently have 2 boas, Reva, 2014 nicaraguan anery type 2, and my newest addition, a little male pewter boa, named Ragnar! I absolutely love Reva and haven't been able to interact much with Ragnar as he came in deep shed and was a little fiesty when I first got him, so he is settling in. I can't wait to watch him grow. As far as Ball Pythons go, I have 14 right now, mostly clown and het clown morphs. I just made a website to start documenting the snakes growth and put available animals. It's coming along very slowly, I am mostly messing around with my DSLR and light tent to try and figure out the best way to capture the beauty of these animals. Anyways, see you guys around!

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    Re: Hello-CompleteConstrictors

    Welcome. We've already spoken in other topics.