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  • Hi From Michigan

    Hi Everyone,

    After a few years of not having any snakes - I have decided to get back into the hobby. I currently have one male BCI Coral Albino. He is just a baby right now. I strictly keep snakes as pets no breeding interests.

    After years of being out of the hobby - I find I have questions again - so I look forward to reading thru the post and learning everything "again".

    I am keeping my boa in an AP T8 cage with a divider. Heating with an RHP controlled with VE300 Thermostat.

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    Re: Hi From Michigan

    Welcome back to the addiction! fire away with all your questions!

    Post some pics of your boa! We love to look!

    -Sean in NoCal
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      Re: Hi From Michigan

      Welcome "back"! I've bred some in the past, & find that I much prefer keeping "just pets", mainly because they're so hard to part with & too numerous to keep all!
      (then too, medical problems can arise related to breeding)


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        Re: Hi From Michigan

        Welcome! Sounds like you're already getting back into the swing of things. Just because I almost always post it:


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          Re: Hi From Michigan

          Welcome to RTB and yes, please post some pictures of your baby!

          Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest