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All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

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  • All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

    Our next show is Saturday Jan 2. We are in the big building from now on. Sorry to the 15 vendors we had to turn away at the last show. It was a good turn out 1200 at the door.
    We will have a PETITION to try to stop the 311 bill. We got 390 at the last show.


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    Re: All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

    Hey Scott Larry Micklevitz here, I'm wondering if you have any plans to set up either a USARK booth or an information on S373 / HR 2811 Booth on Saturday Jan 2nd ?

    As the info below states we need to drum up thousand of letters,
    not E-mails , actual letters.

    I believe a booth at the show would go a long ways in driving this issue. Pre printed Letters for people to sign could be provided on the spot. Then these letters would be filled out and handed back to be sent in to Tom Wolfe in Washington. Many many letters could be signed by people and then sent in as packets. Below is a thread on RTB Forum with further info. Feel free to contact me as well. I'm sure between a few of us , you, Paul Rothenbach, Brandon Nixon, Me, we could get the Ball rolling. I haven't talked to Paul or Brandon but if they aren't busy I bet they'd pitch in with me and you to help.
    I E-mailed this same info to the All Animal expo E-mail addy

    Link to RTB thread :

    Thanks Scott Lar M
    Larry Micklevitz

    Lar M
    Larry Micklevitz

    [email protected]
    Boas By Klevitz

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz

    USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign

    S373 aka ‘The Python Ban’ has been amended to include the 9 great constrictors referenced in the recent report released by the US Geological Survey entitled Giant Constrictors: Biological and Management Profiles and an Establishment Risk Assessment for Nine Large Species of Pythons, Anacondas, and the Boa Constrictor. If passed as written S373 would add all 9 snakes to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act making it a felony to engage in the import, export and interstate transport of any of these animals.
    This possibility is unacceptable to USARK and the Reptile Nation. We are encouraging everyone with an interest in S373 to click on and participate in the USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign. There you will find step by step instructions, a sample letter, contact information and even an instructional video to help you write your US Senators an effective letter opposing S373. We have learned that written letters are one of the most effective ways to lobby Congress. Sending an email is NOT enough! Write your letters. Get your friends and family involved writing letters too.
    USARK spearheaded a similar letter writing campaign last spring. The Reptile Nation generated 50,000 letters opposing HR669. The bill was crushed. Time to do it again! Spread the web address all over the internet. Put it on your facebook page. Put it on your MySpace page. Twitter it. Post it on every forum or social networking site that you frequent. Email it to everyone you know! will take you straight to the resources you need to do your letters. We have made it as easy as it can possibly be, but it will require some effort. January 12th is our deadline. We don’t have much time. Do it today!
    If you are an Industry Leader You Must Make an APPOINTMENT to MEET With Your Senators!! If you care about your business you will do this!!!
    ***Please Click the USARK Donate Button at the top of this page and contribute $10 to help pay for the USARK Kill S373 Letter Campaign*** - DEADLINE January 12, 2010

    'Tom Wolfe with thousands of letters that led the Reptile Nation to Victory over HR669' Unsubscribe Become a Member Donate Developed by
    Site Control 24/7

    [email protected] / [email protected]

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz



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      Re: All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

      I prepared all of the next 2 posts below 5 or so days ago before I new
      about the major Anti S 373 Letter campaign USARK is arranging

      Hey Scott maybe we can get something organized to spread the word against S373 at the next
      All Animal Expo Click Here
      On Saturday January 2

      Here is a list of sites that are offering actions that can be taken to contact representatives, legislators, the media, and the public as a whole to stop S373, HR2811.

      Add any you know of but don't see here.

      National Python & Boa Ban Action Center

      United States Association of Reptile Keepers : Take Action and Contact Congress |


      Government Affairs | Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
      Congressional Python Ban | Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

      Contact the White House | The White House

      Sample Letter to President Obama to be used with above link:
      President Obama,
      S373 aka the Python Ban is being considered in the Senate right now. It will destroy thousands of jobs and bankrupt thousands of American families. The bill has been sensationalized and politicized and has no basis in real science. In fact a report generated by USGS to justify this bill has been called unscientific by an independent panel of scientists. It is being pushed by powerful special interest groups and it will hurt me financially. It is a confiscation of my personal property rights and will not solve the problems proponents claim it addresses. This is clearly a situation that has become politically driven and ignores science that does not support S373. Please do not allow politics to trump good science and sound policy. This is wrong and you promised in your election campaign not to allow situations like this to occur. Please stop S373.

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

        Prepared a few days ago

        Another similar sample letter to send and E-mail Senators or Congressman
        via the above Links provided:

        --- --- ----- ---- ----- ------

        Here's what I just did , was discussing this over Christmas. It came to light
        nobody (Politician , busy person) wants to read a really long E-mail or letter

        Quick point high lights of the main issues for easy reading
        is a way to address this problem

        Then provide longer text or even info links later in the letter


        December 25, 2009
        Dear Senator Durbin,
        Dear Senator Burris,

        Please Oppose S373 aka 'The Python Ban' Now "The Boa Ban"

        1)Unscientific process ( USGS report ) in stead of USFWS scientific process - not good

        2)Will Destroy 3 Billion $$ a year industry (reptile Industry) Tens of thousands of LOST JOBS

        3) Snakes in Question only a problem in extreme South Florida
        Only a Florida issue not the other 48 states

        4)The Legislation S373 does not even address any Feral Python issue in Florida anyway

        5)Sets terrible precedent by legislating science for the sake of political expedience. Please oppose S373.

        6) Thousands of LOST JOBS!! Including mine

        Please oppose S373 aka 'The Python Ban'. It would by pass the accepted USFWS process for amending the Lacey Act and legislatively add 9 species of boas and pythons to the Injurious Wildlife list. If passed as written it would threaten a viable US industry producing high quality captive bred reptiles for hobbyists, research, zoos, TV & film, museums and fashion industry. The USGS report being used as justification for these draconian measures has been characterized by independent scientists as "unscientific" and "not suitable as the basis for legislative or regulatory policies". I appreciate the difficulties Burmese Pythons may pose to South Florida, but it is a problem that is endemic only to South Florida and should be dealt with at the state level. S373 encompasses far more than Burmese pythons and will hurt my family and business. It does not address the underlying problems proponents claim. S. 373 makes no provisions for the disposition of over 2 million snakes already in captivity in the US. It will create a situation where thousands of Americans are in possession of Injurious Wildlife and subject to felony prosecution under the Lacey Act. This bill will be bad for our state, bad for jobs and sets terrible precedent by legislating science for the sake of political expedience. Please oppose S373.

        Mr. Larry Micklevitz

        Larry, your letters are on the way to Congress!

        Your email to Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D IL) sent!
        Your email to Sen. Roland Burris (D IL) sent!
        Did you know?

        You are the 25th person from Illinois to sign this petition!
        Additional options:

        Tell a Friend

        Have these letters printed and hand-delivered to Capitol Hill

        You have taken action on the petition "EMAIL: Tell the US Senate to Stop the Python Ban!"

        Petition created by United States Association of Reptile Keepers
        Powered by Rally Congress Have questions or feedback?

        Lar M
        Boas By Klevitz



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          Re: All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

          I'm putting this back on top

          Just in case Scott comes back around

          and wants to asddress this

          Lar M
          Boas By Klevitz



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            Re: All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

            I was hoping Scott would contacty me so we could arrange this.

            There will be little time to address it with a last minute approach

            Lar M
            Boas By Klevitz



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              Re: All Animal Expo Wheaton IL Saturday Jan 2

              We have someone that is going to have them there. But we need some more help.