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Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show..1/30 & 1/31

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  • Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show..1/30 & 1/31

    Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show

    Gwinnett County Fairground
    2405 Sugarloaf Parkway
    Lawrenceville, GA 30045

    January 30 & 31

    Admission: $8.00 - Adults $5.00 - Children (5-12) Four and under FREE!
    VIP Admission: $10.00 - Adults, $5.00 - Children (5-12), Four and under FREE!

    Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm (VIP Entry at 9:00 am)
    Sunday: 10:00am-4:00pm

    VIP ticket holders for a Repticon event will gain early entry into the show at 9:00am on Saturday only. All VIP tickets are held for pickup at our VIP check-in table at the event under the name on the PayPal account used for purchase. VIP tickets are good for both show days.

    Featuring reptile and amphibian breeders and wholesalers, reptile pet products and supplies, educational seminars and exhibits, and fun-filled activities for the entire family!

    Want to know how you can help fight pending legislation:

    The National Pet Association (NatPET) is the United States' first non-profit national pet protection organization that not only focuses all of its efforts and resources on protecting pets, but assisting and supporting pet owners as well. NatPET represents owners of all types of pets currently being kept in over 71 million American households. For more information visit JM Geckos booth. They will have Tshirts for sale and $2 of EVERY Tshirt sale will be donated to NatPet (Tshirts provided by Fat Boy's Ball Pythons)
    Join USARK for a fund raising auction to be held at the Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show.

    The auction is open to the public and proceeds will be used to support USARK. The auction will be held at approximately 5:30pm on Saturday, Jan 30th.

    There will be free food, a question & answer session with Andrew Wyatt, President of USARK, and fellowship. USARK would appreciate vendor donations for the auction and any other help offered.

    Presentations By:
    Mike Dean from Exotic Kingdom will be giving a presentation focusing on various arachnids. As a breeder of these creatures, he is the man to learn from if you are into animals that even some herpers think are creepy and crawly. If you like tarantulas, scorpions, and other spiders, stop by to see them up close and personal!

    Tom Brown from Under the Canopy Farms will be giving a presentation on the wonderful & wet world of captive bred tropical amphibians.

    Randy Stark of Stark's Ark will be giving a presentation encompassing the aspects of how to properly setup a terrarium or vivarium for reptiles and amphibians. He has spent over 15 years learning everything he can about keeping reptiles and amphibians, and knows what to do to keep most animals happy. He has also studied freshwater and saltwater tanks while working at several different stores as a reptile and aquatics specialist. His seminar is for anyone new to the hobby that wants to begin a setup, or even those old pros who know to ask the right questions!

    Door prizes sponsored by Exo-Terra will be given away several times per hour through out both days!

    For more information:
    Visit Repticon Atlanta Main Page
    Email: [email protected]
    By phone: 864-292-9614/864-9063458

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    Re: Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show..1/30 & 1/31

    I'm going to be there right at 10:00 on Sunday! I'm really excited because this is the first show that I will be attending
    I'm taking my mom (its her birthday)
    and my girlfriend (she would kill me if I left her)
    and one or two of my bros may come as well, not sure yet though..


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      Re: Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show..1/30 & 1/31

      The wife and I are pretty sure we are going. Maybe when it gets closer to the date of the show, we can pass around phone #'s and hook up!!

      All who plan to go, chime in.


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        Re: Atlanta Reptile and Exotic Animal Show..1/30 & 1/31

        I will be there early on Saturday