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  • My First Show

    Well I went to my first show today in Reading Pa and Wow why has it taken me this long to go. It was well worth the hour and 40 min drive. I planned on just going and maybe picking up some supplies and walked away with a Dumerils boa and a bearded dragon for my younger brother. It was a great experience I was like a kid in a toy store. Even when we pulled into the parking lot my eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. Just a great event with great people.

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    Re: My First Show

    Great to hear you enjoyed you first show !!

    I;m spoiled I've had Reptile show access twice a month within 10 minsof my house and now 20 mins for many many years even before I realized there was a reptile show
    around my area with so many wonderful selections !

    Lar M
    Boas By Klevitz