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How to be finger food

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  • Bry
    Re: How to be finger food

    Okay, this is the last old post I'm gonna reply to. I just felt I had to say something. I frequently handle my king immediately after handling my gopher and corns. I have never once had a problem with him 'munching' my fingers. My gopher and corns have always been kept in the same room as the king, and it has never affected their feeding habits. In fact, the three of them are some of my best feeders.


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  • Doug
    started a topic How to be finger food

    How to be finger food

    my may issue of Reptiles had an article about handling gopher snakes/corns and such and then handling Kings the author noticed his King would try to munch on his hands anytime he handles  a corn or gopher and then takes out the king.
      The repsonse to the quiery stated that many Snakes give off Phermones in tiny amounts  this helps the boys find the girls in the wild and  but the kings pick up on this and can find the  snakes for lunch. So if you handle your corns and dont wash your hands your king may think your fingers are something else  slurp :.
       The Vet who answered the question also noticed that Kings housed  in the same room as  corns/gopher snakes  can make the gohper/corn snakes housed in that reptile room stop feeding and stressed..
         doug :P