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  • defication

    My friend has a 1 3/4 year old cali king who has never had any problems but recently I noticed that when it deficates it is sort of moist or runny when compared to a boa. I mention it and he said that he has never really seen it before it gets a chance to dry out and with mine I have to say the same. Is this natural for king or coulibrids on a whole to have slightly moist defications when compared to boas???. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: defication

    I had  King for a while and that snake could poop in an instant, the wild caught ones will even put a musk on you that a skunk would be proud of.
     Most kings are very poopy snakes naw,, nothing wrong, just change the paper every two to three days and have plently of paper towels and spray water for cleaning glass, hides and such. they are sweet snakes.My first snake was a wild caught eastern when i was about 12 along time ago..
      the more you feed they will digest much quicker than a boa.and the are really fond of water so thats proably why the digestion is a bit runny.
      it is possible he may have a problem but even healthy normal
    Kings have loose stools usally loaded with wet urates.


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      Re: defication

      Thanx man b27.gif, thats what I fiquired but just wanted to make sure with regards to my king.
      Man I know what you mean by the musking, my king has a very skiddish personality. He has never really gotten use to the initial pick up and if he has anything stored he lets it go while flailing his tail just to make sure he gets everything s11.gif. He is perfectly fine as soon as you have him though. Still would not trade him for the world, he's a very pretty stripped cali king with alot of black compared to the banana colored stripes and loves to eat ;D.