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king question....

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  • king question....

    wanted to pick the brains of anyone who has been dealin' with kings for a long period of one type any more docile or better pet than another????had a costal banded a few years ago that was very sweet!!!
    my son just informed me he'd like a king for x-mas(not to worry,he's 18 & has been around snakes since he was 8).....
    the california king is a very imprssive specimen....any thoughts guys????
    also,is it safe to ship to a colder climate????
    thanx &.....
    **happy daze**

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    Re: king question....

    Now I can say that I have never met a mean king snake.... I would have to say go for a more rare speice they almost always make for more interesting pet's... I have seen alot of snake go to the "every body has one of these" type of thing.. I have just bought a durango king snake for a friend and it was just the nicest thing in the world.. they don't get very big and 3' cage would be a good size for the rest of its life.. very nice coloring kinda like a gray banded but better.... well it is fine to ship to colder climets they put lil' heater packs in with the snake... Now a california king is very nice pet cheep and you will be able to find many different types of morphs of them which will make it a very fun pet for you to buy you can look for a long time before getting the perfect one...
    Well I hope I can help..
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: king question....

      I have seen a mean King snake.  this snake is rotten to the core.  you had to use a snake hook to pick him up...  I seen him bite himself repeatily.  just plain ole nasty.  i wouldn't hold even if ya paid me...  he be the type that would bite and corkscrew on ya i bet....  but i never own any so i not that much info for ya..


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        Re: king question....

        Benttoe is speaking of mine. His name was snappy for obvious reasons. If you can get a Lavender Albino you'll be very pleased. 8)