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humidity concern (long, sorry)

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  • humidity concern (long, sorry)

    My son has had a albino Cal King for about a year and a half now. He is in a 20 gal glass tank and has a heat gradiant. The snake (Kingpin) moves aroung the tank regularly so I know the temps are good. He eats everytime food is offered (a pinkie or small hopper once a week) and has shed approx. once a month since coming out of hybernation. Poops look good.

    When we purchased him we did so because we thought Kingpin would be a really good starter snake because everything we read and were told by others led us to believe that they are relatively easy to keep. I've had problems in the past with maintaining the humidity levels for our pythons and boas and I didn't want my son to have these concerns. Now that we haven't worried about it for a year I'm starting to read that it is a concern for colubrids.

    Is humidity necessary or not? And if so what range is concidered acceptable?

    Tia and sorry for the long post.

    Miles (and Kingpin)

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    Re: humidity concern (long, sorry)

    For me no.

    I have two Crons and one I have had since i was 9, and he has no humitidy, only whats in the air in my room. And he has always shed fine.

    Humitity is moslty for tropical snakes, like boas and pythons.


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      Re: humidity concern (long, sorry)

      Actually humidity is for all captive snakes. The levels of humidity are different. With Cali's they don't require high levels of humidity. As a matter of fact you really don't have to do anything special accept have a water bowl in the enclosure at all times and when in shed mist him once a day. Don't group all Boas and Pythons in the humidity category either. Rosy Boas for instance and Kenyan Sand Boas only are offered water every 3 to 4 days in captivity, but get it less in the wild. Ball Pythons are from dry arid places in the wild in Africa, but they require higher humidity in captivity. Without going on too long raising the humidity is a great thing to do when the snake is in shed. Corns and Ratsnake as well as other types of Kings will require high humidity.