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    Well, here's the little guy that I mentioned in the previous thread:

    To me he looks like a regular cornsnake or possibly a great plains ratsnake, but if anyone else can tell something different from the pictures, please let me know!

    His tank wasn't really set up how I've been keeping my snakes, but especially since he's so old, I'm trying to make changes as gradually as possible, starting with adding a few new plastic hides to see if he likes those, and then eventually changing from a heat lamp to an easier to manage heat source, removing his old hides (they're impossible to clean), and possibly, after he is out of quarantine, seeing if he tolerates aspen instead of paper...
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    Re: New Old Snake

    Looks like a normal or possibly Okeetee corn snake...much like my old guy that's now 17 years old. Most corn snakes love to climb, so if you can get some longer branches to wedge diagonally (bottom corners to
    opposite upper corners) criss-crossing each other in the middle, he'll probably enjoy sitting in them. Good exercise too. Mine all use & like their hide boxes (similar to yours) and for a substrate I use one layer of
    paper towels with a blend of Carefresh & clean home-shredded paper on top of the towels for more traction. I love corns, and they are normally sweet snake-PR-ambassadors. I had a corn snake live to mid-20's,
    but for many, 15 to 20 years is a good long life.

    (Great Plains are more brownish/grayish in color, but they're very close relatives that can & will mate if together)