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Considering a super dwarf retic

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  • Considering a super dwarf retic

    I've always loved the colors and patterns of reticulated pythons. They're easily one of the most beautiful serpents out there. The only problem with them is they get much larger than I would be comfortable living with. So, I did some research into dwarf forms, and came across super dwarfs, which, apparently, only get to 6-8 feet, which would be perfect.

    I found one site that's selling wild morph males for 400. The site doesn't say what percentage dwarf they are; I've emailed them to see if I can get more info. From what I've read the larger the percentage, the smaller they stay, but that they tend to be more defensive and nippy than your average mainland big boy.

    What I'm looking for with this post is any information/tips anyone is willing to give me on finding one, temperaments, what to expect, etc. I've been keeping snakes since I was a young teenager, and have had many kinds. My current collection is a pair of Hogg/Nicaraguan cross BCI's (a little over a year old and about 3'), a rosy boa I've had since 1999, a western hognose, a plain old normal morph ball python, and a Tarahumara mountain king. My other python experience is with bloods mostly. I don't currently have one but I've had several over the years. I also have some beardies, the obligatory leopard gecko, and about a dozen assorted tarantulas.

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to some good info!


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    Re: Considering a super dwarf retic

    I have a 100% SD male, CBB, just over two years old and six feet long. He's flighty, has an insane food response - you don't open the door to his enclosure without a hook in your hand - and he suffers from Napoleon Complex. All that said, once he's out he's not bad to handle, but he is always active. He also hasn't started "pushing" like my older males have as we're coming in to breeding season.

    I have two 50% SD yearling females, they act as chill as any mainland. They are about two feet shorter than my mainland female of the same age. They will be big once full grown, but I don't think they will be so big that it will take two people to safely handle them.

    If you definitely want a small snake look for a 75% or higher percentage of SD. Personally I would get a female, they tend not to get stupid during breeding season.