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Saving a Ball???

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  • Saving a Ball???

    Theres this kid that lives down the street from me and he has 2 ball pythons that hes kept since they were babies im guessen.One is 3 1/2 feet and the other is roughly 2 1/2 feet.There bothe kept in the same cage which is 2 1/2 ffet long and 2 feet wide.VERY SMALL.the kid has no heaters on the snakes at all.When I saw this,I was extremely disturbed.I vowed at that moment that I would do anything I could to save atleast one of those BP's..
    I have a ball python at the moment and i'v had him since he was a youngen.If I was to get one of the pythons from that kid(which I plan on doing) do you think it would be alright to put it in with my current Ball Python?He is a male and the snake that I may get is a female.Is this o.k? :-/ ???My enclosure is a mansion compared to the last home she was in..Its just to bad that I cant save the other python as well.Thanx.