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  • STRANGE?????????

    ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

    Ok this is totally weird! I have had Sebastian for nearly a month (since 7-17). In this whole time (ok so it isn't a LONG time I have never seen him behave agreesively in any way, or hiss or anything. He isn't overly timid, except, he does get startled by sudden movements, which seems to be pretty normal Well, Sat night I fed him the 1st time, a SM rat . . . he did fine ate it quickly, etc. He seems fine, been laing under the heat, drank some water, etc etc Has moved around. . . Well my son was crawling around the end of the bed & as he went by the cage, Sebastian STRUCK out! I was completely shocked. . . Now, I'm not saying that he DID or DIDN"T strike out AT him, because I'm not even sure he saw him (maybe just caught a movement??) . . . But I'm totallly curious as to why he would do this?? He hasn't done anything like that so far & the kids have petted him . . .
    Tara s1.gif

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    Re: STRANGE?????????

    hi tara,

    most likely it was the movement. your ball probably got excited and thought it was time to eat again. like i always say snakes are wild animals and when there natural instincts kick in anything is possible. my ball python damian is 10 years old now and tame as can be however there have been a few instances where she resorted to her wild behavior. lets just say my sisters dog was lucky there was glass between him and my snake. ??? ??? ???


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      Re: STRANGE?????????

      Thanks for your reply
      I was leaning toward the movement to. . . He's just been hanging out all day now (since we've been back home) watching us, LOL:}


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        My old burm did that once. Scared the crap outta me. I was gettin ready for school and i went over to look at her see if she was ok and what not.. and i was half asleep and it struck and SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME.. woke me up pretty fast though.