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Breeding Ringer Ball with ..?

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  • Breeding Ringer Ball with ..?

    What are the possiblities of breeding a ringer ball with a gold or black back ball? Is there a problem with that? What has the best chance for Albinos out of these types? And....does crossing them just make things worse?


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    Re:Breeding Ringer Ball with ..?

    Someone with more experience will come along.... but from what I can remember from high school biology and genetics is this........ what babies you have really depend on the genetics of the parents.
    Lets see if I can remember here (feel free to correct me )
    If your ringer is 50% het for ring (which I have no idea if that is a dominant gene) and is bred with another that is 50 Het for ring then you have a 50% chance of having some more ringers as well as a bunch of normals.
    Breed that 50% ringer to a 50% gold then theoretically (I think) you would have a chance at some golds, some ringers, gold ringers, and normals in the batch.

    Again I am by no means an expert and really think that the plain old naturals are the way to go, but that is just my opinion

    Here is a link about rat breeding that has some pretty good info about genetics.
    and another page on genetics...